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High quality Ruby Rose inspired iPhone Cases & Covers by independent artists and designers from around the world. Dress up your phone with awesomely original iPhone cases & covers from Redbubble. They’re durable enough to prevent breakage, yet slim and lightweight. Hi I'm looking into iPhone development, and Objective-C is not be my preferred language. As far as I can see at this moment Ruby cannot be used to talk to Cocoa Touch at the moment on the iPhone. The Rhodes Framework contains a working Ruby implementation for the iPhone. You could try just writing your own simple IRB clone with Rhodes and see how that goes. You won't be able to get it through the App Store, of course, but you don't care about that, anyway.

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Maybe the relatively recent announcement of Pokemon Go has you excited. Luckily for you, recent developments in the iOS modding community have made it pretty easy to play classic Gameboy or Gameboy Advanced Pokemon titles from your iPhone device! One slight caveat — if you want to play Pokemon on an iDevice running something later than iOS 8. Thanks for the click, though! An emulator plays ROMS. What are ROMS? Game files. I promise. Now that the app is downloaded and installed, quickly confirm that you can open it without it crashing.

If it crashes, try again with your device set to an earlier date, ruby iphone. If it does not crash, congratulations! Acquiring ROMs is both a morally gray and legally gray area. As you can imagine, ruby iphone, being able to download the entirety of a ruby iphone online means a lot of piracy.

There is no other way to own a digital version of the game without downloading it, ruby iphone. Anyway, there are a lot of ROM websites out there to find your games on. Their mobile interfaces are also really convenient to use, which will come in handy for this next step, ruby iphone.

Find whichever game you want, and go through the steps listed on the website to download it. Configuring is sort of optional, but I ruby iphone to do it anyway. Do you plan to play in landscape mode or portrait mode? What kind of controller skin do you want? Finally, you can play your game!

Enjoy the thrill and adventure of exploring the Kanto, Johto and Hoenn regions. Pokemon games usually only have one save file, ruby iphone, but this feature makes it to where you can have multiple trainers ruby iphone once. Although this guide is mostly geared for Pokemon players, you can run through these steps to play pretty much any game that was hosted on the Gameboy platform.

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ruby iphone


Write cross-platform native apps in Ruby. RubyMotion lets you quickly develop cross-platform native apps for iOS, Android and OS X, all using your favorite editor and the awesome Ruby . Drool over these photos of Apple’s new ruby iPhone 7 (RED) As with Apple’s other Product (RED)-branded devices, a portion of every iPhone (RED) sale will be donated to The Global Fund, a charitable organization that finances HIV/AIDS grants to roughly half a dozen countries in sub-Saharan Africa. “This is the biggest day in our year partnership, Author: Kyle Wiggers. Acquire ROMs. Pokemon Gold, Silver, and Crystal are on Gameboy Color. Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald are on Gameboy Advance. GBA4IOS supports all three of the first three generations.) Once the file is download, tap the “Open in ” button on your screen, and select GBA4IOS. This should install the game onto Jake Briscoe.